Luigi Cuccitto born in Italy in 1971, Guitarist, Musician and Composer, Arranger, Turnist for some Big Italian Music: Giò di Tonno, Drupi and others ... !!! "Days on Earth" is a demo made in 1992 ... !!! The first official album is "Luna" of 2014 dedicated to her little dog Luna, now in the Sky ... !!! The last album is "Le Mie Mani", a fingersyle and tapping work ... !!! Made in direct contact with the Classical Guitar ... !!! There are other Compositions ... !!! Luigi Cuccitto is very Prolific and continues to publish his Music ... !!! The influences of Luigi Cuccitto are various: Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Rock, Alternative, Pop, Fusion, Funk, New Age, Progressive ... !!! Open to the genre Hip Hop and Rap ... !!! Luigi Cuccitto's Guitar Techniques range from tapping to sweep picking and more ... !!! Luigi Cuccitto has created a very Personal and Recognizable Sound and Technique over time ... !!! Luigi Cuccitto is also a multi-Instrumentalist ... !!! The Musician: his Drummer is Angelo Stoico, the Bass Player is Guido Russi (Album "Luna" of 2014) ... !!! The Sound Engineer, Artist and the Precious Collaborator is Sergio Rubino ... !!!


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